Gran Sasso Rescue
El Duce rescued by Fallschirmjäger in Italia

The Gran Sasso (Operation Eiche; German for Oak) was the rescue of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini by Fallschirmjäger on September 1943I. It was a Fallschirmjäger operation planned by Fallschirmjäger Major Harald Mors and approved by Fallschirmjäger General Kurt Student.

SS Captain Otto Skorzeny was selected personally by Hitler and Ernst Kaltenbrunner to carry out the mission, had been tracking Mussolini as he was moved from place to place by his captors. However operational control, logistics and planning were done by Fallschirmjäger. Skorzeny determined that Mussolini was being imprisoned at Campo Imperatore Hotel in Italy's Gran Sasso in the Apennine Mountains. Skorzeny joined the Fallschirmjäger team with a few of his SS troops and the force led by Fallschirmjäger Major Harald Mors, to rescue Mussolini. Skorzeny was viewed as a tag along participant who made false claims after the event to gain fame, while Major Mors planned and executed the operation using primarily Fallschirmjäger.

Greater detail on the raid can be found on Wikipedia. Photos from the Bundesarchiv taken by Luftwaffe kriegsberichter...

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