Ehren Chronik (Honour Chronicle)

Ehren Chronik (Honour Chronicle) Soldiers Remembrance Book

This book was given to soldiers after they had served their time of active duty in the Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe. The Ehren-Chronik was published by the NSKOV (Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung), the Third Reich organization which took care of the veterans.

Very few were issued especially towards the end of World War Two very few soldiers were discharged as manpower needs were dire. As a consequence very few soldiers ever received their book of honor.

Link to photographs of my Ehren Chronik.

Table of centents:
  • Dedication page

    [Translation] in faithfulness and gratitude, the homeland hails its brave sons who have fought for Germany's freedom and won in commememoration of this battle and victory through the nsdap presented by [name...S.Z. Weydel??] on the 24th of [illegible] '43.

  • Chronicle of honor in the (name of the veteran).
  • Photographs of Hitler, Reichmarschall Göring, Grossadmiral Raeder, Generalfeldmarschall von Brauchitsch & General-feldmarschall Keitel.
  • Die Reichskriegsflagge
  • Adolf Hitler quotes
  • Large section of photographs of Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine in action.
  • Photographs of the major wartime awards; Iron Cross, Knights Cross, Infantry Assault badge, tank assault badge, wound badge, U-Boat war badge and others.
  • An honor board, were the owner could list the names his comrades killed in action and 'shall live on as heroes in his book'.
  • Forms of active duty including awards, special training, leading officers, etc.
  • Forms to fill out; participation in World War I.
  • Forms to fill out; participation in annex of Austria, Sudetenland, Memel & Danzig (1938-1939).
  • Forms to fill out; which battles participated from 1939 to 194...
  • Pages of transparent pockets to store award citations.
  • Chapter with a complete "Ahnentafel" (Proof of Aryan descent).

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