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  • 12 March 10 /  Reenacting

    One of the more unpleasant sides of this hobby of ours is the pettiness of the arguments that arise. The topics are always the same; authenticity, taking hits, event organization, event scheduling etc. Everyone has their own opinion but nobody want’s to compromise and just sit down and work it out for the common good. It is quite tiring…

    My girlfriend teaches kindergarten and the stories she tells of arbitrating daily disputes only varies in subject matter from the things I hear in organizing a reenacting event. Truly amazing!

    Recently I introduced the use of hit cards for our tactical events. The system, when applied with a little judgment on the part of the reenactor, can yield good results. It also give our medics something to do during the tactical battles. Still there was grumbling about how people could open the paper strip when they registered and ‘cherry pick’ their hit…. argh!

    So being an inventor (it’s my day job, 88 issued US patents so far) I’ve come up with the solution to some of the griping… The HIT COOKIE. I will have them for our next tactical, so you get hit break open your cookie and read your fortune!

  • 3 February 10 /  Reenacting

    One thing that I notice is that reenactors don’t sing while the Germans did; a lot. So I’ve created a Fallschirmjäger Song Book to help those in my unit learn…

    It’s downloadable here at Fallschirmjäger Song Book.

    There are recordings of the songs as well a karaoke versions to learn from on the Fallschirmjäger lied page of Fallschirmjä

    Goss gut!

  • 23 December 09 /  Events, Reenacting

    We held the Camp Anderson Tactical a few weeks back and it was a rousing success. The Allies were highly aggressive and were attacked from behind within a few minutes of setting up our HQ! Absolutely amazing and totally unexpected.

    An exhausted landser…

    The Allies were maneuvering and firing like they were Fallshirmjager! These units were elements of the 36th, 502nd and Army Rangers, hats off to them for excellent work!

    We had the Krupp radio truck from the 716 Nachrichten Kompanie despite the fact that the rain had made the pathways into seas of mud. Their radio truck is a work of art! It created that surreal sensation of actually being back in time that you feel at certain moments during a reenactment when everything comes together to form the perfect confluence of history without distraction.

    I was deployed with the newly restocked G-43 however I had too low gas pressure using my new gas reducer so I was essentially ‘bolt action’ for the activities. Even so it was nice to have 10 rounds in the mag rather than five of the Kar98. I’ll recalibrate for the next outing.

    Photos of the event are here on

  • 9 November 09 /  Books, Events, Reenacting, Uncategorized

    Well we’re back home after the Waxahatchie Veterans Day “WWII Weekend”. It was a chance to see all my friends and make some new ones. The Texas reenactors were out in force… Someone asked me ‘who was there?’. Hmm it’s kind of like birdwatching, trying to spot and remember all the various groups you see; so here’s what I saw and can still recall, my apologies to groups I missed…

    • 13 DB Légion Étrangère – out in force
    • 101st Airborne
    • US Army Rangers
    • 82nd Airborne
    • 167 Volksgrenadier – out in force also with an R-71
    • 45th Infantry
    • Baker Company 1st BN 141st Inf Reg
    • 984 Grenadiere Regiment – out in force
    • Fallschirmjäger-Rgt. 2 – a small but fierce kampf gruppe with an R-71 and an R-75 (real)
    • Lots of Wehrmacht Gebirgsjagers from several different units with trucks, and a 222
    • Lots of SS though I didn’t get their unit either

      A nice surprise was the Gebirgsjagers from San Antonio had a new vehicle; a nice replica Leichter Panzerspähwagen 222!

      The Dallas Fort-Worth flickr group was out in force as well, all of them dressed as war correspondents, most Allied, but a few “embeds” with the Axis as well! They were a nice addition; thanks Guys and Gals!

      One even snapped a flattering photo of me on the R-71!

      Photo from Steve 3D“, Thanks!

      Here are some links to photos from the day from the DFW flickr group. If you select each individual photographer’s name under the photos it will link you to more shots that each person took there are some really great photos here!

      Here are the photos that Lyn took

      All in all a fun weekend, I’m already looking forward to Waxahatchie next year!

  • 26 October 09 /  Equipment, Reenacting

    Saw this on ebay… of course with all the ‘dealers’ trying to make a buck off of reenactors with ‘rare’ ‘limited’ ‘special’ stuff I always scrutinize items with care.

    This Fallschirmjager WWII Reenactor Vinyl Sticker VSP010 caught me by surprise…

    Now admittedly the British did copy their jump helmet from the Germans so that portion of the silhouette is close, but as far as I know the Fallschirmjager never carried a Lee Enfield rifle!

    Take a close look at the rifle… not a Kar98k nor a G43… the sloped mag just in front of the trigger…it’s a SMLE.

    Well so much for quality control ;-)

    Attention: This is obvious fair use of a copyrighted image, so no bogus DCMA takedown notices to cover your embarrassment.

  • 21 October 09 /  Events, Reenacting

    And a big oops! I wrote this last year but forgot to take it out of draft!! .dumb…

    Well Waxahatchie is almost upon us again… this year it’s Nov 7th.

    … old post …

    I had the privilege to meet two really talented photographers who were attending the Waxahatchie reenactment. These guys took some of the best photos I’ve ever seen of a reenactment! – and not because they managed to get a flattering photo of decidedly un-photogenic me – more because they captured reenactors in character – in moments that reflect back in time… they seem to make history come alive. I’m captivated by the shots they took.

    The photographers whom I know only by the handles of “TXZeiss” and “Yo Spiff”.. here are the links. Thanks again!

    TXZeiss’ photos are here.

    Yo Spiff’s are here.

  • 9 October 09 /  Events, Reenacting

    First I have to congratulate the French who with typical Gallic dash and cunning executed the best counter move to a restrictive battle scenario I could have ever imagined! Wow! As the opposing force we Fallschirmjäger need to learn to expect anything. It was highly unexpected that the French would get up at 6am and hump down into the woods and lay in wait for the us. The DBLE hit the Fallschirmjäger from behind when all the firepower was up front. What a surprise! Our rear echelon folks took quite a hit.

    Another lesson this Fallschirmjäger learned was that there are always Allies around. I took a hit from a Legionnaire in the woods… on a grassy knoll when I was leading another patrol. I had assumed there were no Allies in the area I was walking in on the road; wrong. (One of our own was perched on his R-75 in the middle of the road smoking a cigarette… totally ignoring his hits so I thought there weren’t any Ami’s around.)

    The ambushes were the highlight of the day. Ambush number one was when Herr Hauptmann sent another Jager and I hunting for the flanking Amis. We walked a deep gully away from the action and then paralleled the general direction of the road. We came to a second gully where we thought the Amis were. Behind the gully was a huge hill. We scaled the back side of it and surprised a couple of locals watching the battle below with binoculars. My partner spotted 6 Amis lying on the far side of the ravine below us. With the general battle noise they would not have heard our shots. So we moved down and close and did a simple banzai charge. So we got two of them… before we both got shot. Kinda farby…

    My next ambush was a small effort also. I had noticed a Legionnaire in the woods near the road pinning down our Kubel and a Feldwebel. We had a sniper in the woods but he’d been ineffective at hitting the Frenchman. I set out in a direction away from the front and flanked to the right, following the fence. I snuck up slowly to where the sniper hide was. I got past him heading toward the woods with the French. It was wide open tall grass; a low crawl would have been better but for cactus and fire ants. I approached in a crouch without making any sudden movement. The Frenchman didn’t see me until I stood up for the shot. He stood up and raised his rifle but I already had him sighted. The sniper and I fired at him as soon as he stood. He took a great hit and went down hard. I approached past him and there was only one other Frenchman on the hill but he hadn’t seen me or his buddy go down. I hosed him and came out on the other side of the hill. I found no others so it became apparent there were only a few Legionnaires on the hill holding the road.

    I reported that to my Hauptmann and we were instructed to form a team to go find where the 36th was, since the Hauptmann suspected they were flanking again. I led a team down the road the opposite direction from the front. The team was two soldaten from the 167 Volksgrenadier and two Fallschirmjäger with K98s and last me with MP40.

    Zwei soldaten 167 Volksgrenadier

    As we reached the road split we circled back to the front on the other road. In the distance we heard some muffled vehicle noise and we moved into an ambush across the road. We arrayed on the road and I went forward to sit on the hill past the site to close the kill zone and use the full auto spray on the occupants of the kill zone.

    We sat in ambush for a few minutes and we could hear the GIs talking about putting Jeeps into 4L to climb a hill. The two Jeeps crested the hill, waited and then the first one came into the kill zone. They never saw it coming until we lit them up. The first was a jeep with a .30 cal an American Captain and two GIs. They ran right into it when the 98′s opened up I sprayed them from the side. The Captain was so surprised he just yelled “F**k!’ at the top of his lungs, they never even got a shot off.

    The next Jeep with 3 more Amis and a .30 drove right up into the KZ and got the same treatment. The Amis on foot came up and started flanking us and at first didn’t see us so we got 4 more of them before they dropped us.

    One of our victim jeeps… photo by Scott Swenson, G Company, 36th

  • 12 September 09 /  Reenacting

    The “reenacting season” is just getting started… our first event here in Texas is October 3rd. We’ll kick off the season with a tactical even at Brownwood TX recreating the evacuation of Sicily. Fallschirmjagers will fight a delaying action and gather up stragglers as the Allies try to push us off the island. Should be an interesting event. We’ll have small squads with light weaponry plus a few surprises, a 20mm Flak 38 and a 105mm recoiless gun. That should slow them down a bit.

    Our Flak 38…

    Herr Hauptmann explaining the operation of the 105…

    The Allies will have the usual slew of jeeps mounting MGs as well as a White Half Track mounting 50s. The event information is on the TMHS web site.

    Following that it seems that every single weekend there is something going on! Looks to be a full and fun season!

  • 12 August 09 /  Equipment, Reenacting

    Really funny sketch…

  • 30 July 09 /  Pocket trash, Reenacting

    I recently acquired another Luftwaffe soldbuch. This one is for an Alte Hase. Karl-Heinz Kümmer who entered the Luftwaffe in 1933 in Munich, served in the Condor Legion as mechanic and later as a Fallschirmjager.

    The last promotion was to Feldwebel in May 1944. His last field unit was FJR/2 in January 1943.

    You can see the entire soldbuch here. Just so there’s no confusion… this one is a fake, unlike the other which is original.