Abwurfbehälter für Nachschub
(Dropping container for supplies)

    Historical Photos

  • Fallschirmjäger dropped into combat armed only with a pistol and their knife. Upon landing they were expected to dash to drop containers which had been parachuted down along with them. There the would recover thier fighting weapons, grenades and other items with which to carry out the mission.

  • The early style of drop container was the Mischlast Abwurfbehälter 250 (Kg) which was a bullet shaped container. It was used by the Fallschirmjäger in the Norway campaign.

    Painted Abwurfbehälter 250

  • A later style of drop container was the Mischlast Abwurfbehälter 700 (Kg) which was a wooden box container. One awaiting loading the other already tucked under the belly of the Heinkel.

    Abwurfbehälter 700

  • Another style of drop container was the steel container, this was the most common and used extensively, and to the detriment of the Fallschirmjäger who landed under fire and separated from thier vital weapons and supplies.



  • Notice that the canisters had painted labels and symbols the denoted the type of contents for the dropped Fallschirmjäger seeking specialized items.




  • The wheels and handle on this drop canister allowed the Fallschirmjäger to transport gear more easily.


  • A photo of a pair of loaded drop canisters.

    Technical Diagrams

  • Luftwaffe technical diagrams; click upon each image for a full size view.













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  • A PDF of the manual for the Mischlast Abwurfbehälter 250 (Kg); manual: L.Dv.T.5216. Click on the image to open the PDF file.

  • The manual the I'd love to find! L.Dv.T.g.1582, Verlastung von Waffen und Gerät der Fallschirmtruppe please email me if you know where I can obtain a copy.

    My Drop Canister Project

  • My goal is to reproduce plans and a copy of the steel drop canister in aluminum for reenacting.

  • A group of Fallschirmjäger reenactors in Belgium have produced an excellent copy of the Abwurfbehälter. The following photographs were taken by Mr. Olivier Vercammen of Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 a re-enactment and living history society located in Belgium.



    Modern photos of drop canisters from around the web.

  • Photos from a show of a steel Abwurfbehälter.




  • Photos from a sale posting for a steel Abwurfbehälter.





  • Photos of the legs for a steel Abwurfbehälter.




  • Photos from a sale posting for a wooden Abwurfbehälter.












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