BMW R-71 Technical Drawings

Photos from the BMW factory manual.

Frame detail. Not shown; hand shifter.

Front forks detail. Not shown in the detail is that part #27 is threaded, it captures the lower fork leg. A special tool in the tool kit is used to unscrew it. This is necessary when replasing the fork seals and bushings.

Front forks dampning detail.

Fenders and rack, photos often show civilian versions with the broadly flared art deco type fenders pressed into military service.

Tool kit. The question mark shaped tool (#7) at the top right is the tool used for unscrewing the fork capture sleeve.

Exploded view of the boxer sidevalve engine.

Cutaway view of the boxer sidevalve engine.

Cutaway front view of the boxer sidevalve engine.

Cutaway side view of the boxer sidevalve engine.

The Amal carb.

Cutawaw view of carb.

Exploded view of transmission. Check the transmission oil! It is not a common sump like modern motorcycles are. Often this has been neglected for years. Fill with 90 wt. gear oil for summer use. The filler and drain plugs are part #21 on this drawing.

Cutaway view of transmission.

Exploded view of exhaust system.

Exploded view of the final drive components. Again check the gear oil in the final drive hub. It is often neglected. Use 90 weight gear oil, fill to top of filler inspection plug. The filler and drain plugs are part #55 on this drawing.

Sidecar cutaway detail. For those who insist that machine guns were not mounted on side cars please note; carrier mounts parts number; J69118 (Spare tire carrier mount), J69117 (Side carrier mount); J69126, J69127 (Firing mount sidecar nose), also not shown are trailering hookup for towing multiple ammunition carts and up to a PaK37.

Simplified electrical diagram #1.

Simplified electrical diagram #2.

Headlamp shell internal.

Headlamp shell.

Tail lamp details.

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