BMW R71 Motorcycle and Sidecar
(Replicated with a CJ750)

BMW produced the highly reliable, capable and manoeuvrable R-71 beginning in 1938. It was a mainstay of the German motorcycle troops. The BMW R-75 began to be manufactured in 1941. The R-75 and it's close counterpart the Zündapp KS 750 featured the improvements of a heavier frame, greater horsepower, a driven sidecar wheel and a reverse gear. The BMW R-71, R-75 and Zündapp KS 750 were all used by the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe (and Fallschirmjäger) and SS.

In 1939 the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact enabled the transfer of technology between Germany and the SOviet Union. As a part of this pact the manufacturing plans for the BMW R-71 were passed to the Soviet Union which began to produce a copy of the R-71 which is sold even today as the Ural. In the 1950's these plans were given to the Communist Chinese Government and China produces a copy marketed as the Chain-Jiang 750.

I've recently added a CJ-750 to my collectionand am working to kit it as a Luftwaffe R-71 clone. Look for more information and photos to follow... Many thanks to Jan of 4./I.Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 for his help on improving the accuracy of the BMW information!

German film of motorcycle riflemen on maneuvers in France.

Fallschirmjäger starting a BMW R-71.

Fallschirmjäger riding a BMW R-71, part I.

Fallschirmjäger riding a BMW R-71, part II.

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