Glossary of Reenacting

  • Asshole Magnets - Tanks, named so because of thier strong attraction on reenactors .

  • Blank Burner - Reenactor that is excessively trigger happy.

  • Blinger - Reenactor that awards himself medals.

  • Bullet Proof - Reenactor that fails to take obvious hits.

  • Cross Dresser - Possessing an impression for opposing sides.

  • Death Star - Light WWII-era vehicles (trucks, jeeps, half-tracks) armed with an inauthentic, overabundance of weapons.

  • Farb - Highly inauthentic reenactor. May have originated in from a phrase used by stitch Nazis starting with the phrase "Far be it for me to say anything, but..." or alternatively from the German word Farben meaning to fabricate or manufacture.

  • Farby - Adjective form of Farb.

  • Fat Boy Tax - Extra amount size XL and XXL reeenactors pay for large uniforms.

  • First Person Impression - Staying in role as the soldier you are portraying.

  • Mating call of the stitch Nazi - "Far be..."

  • Motel Militia - Reenactors who sleep in a motel and not in camp.

  • Ramada Rangers - Reenactors who sleep in a motel and not in camp.

  • Shot Caller - Reenactor that yells, "I got you", "I hit you" at his targets that don't react or take their hit.

  • Staff Infection - Large gathering of reenacting officers.

  • Stitch Nazi - A person obsessed with authenticity that goes to ridiculous extremes.
  • "Lets use live ammo so the wounds look more realistic..."

  • Thread Counter - The less pejorative form of Stitch Nazi.

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