Camp Anderson Normandy '44 Tactical 2009

Ve haf schnapps!

Und vin Francais.

Clerk updating the roster.

Ze next time those verdamnt SS keep us up with their screaming ve attack mit shnchronized accordians.

I'm telling you it vas colder at ze ostfront, but not much.

The jagers set up a nice camp.

With a heated tent too.

It's a cold morning.

Fallschirmjäger gear up before patrol briefing.

Fall in!

Fallschirmjäger stilgestanden

Fallschirmjäger marsh!

Squad briefing before moving out to make contact.

Squad starting to move into the woods.

Jagers disappear the woods.

Squad leader takes a breather after action.

Tired jagers catch a little rest.

Ready to assault.

Six assault patrols in 5 hours, we need a little break.

Catching a breather at the HQ.

Ready for another MG34 drive by.

Back from the action.

Some heer troops take a break.

Kettenkrad and kubel returning.

Fallschirmjäger debriefing after a victorious day.

Fallschirmjäger trup photo.

Fallschirmjäger trup photo in b&w.

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