Camp Swift Salerno Battle Reenactment 2008

Photos by Karl-Heinz Kümmer, FJR/2, Video by Brushfire, via link to YouTube.

Excellent video of the event from Brushfire!

Reporting for duty Herr Obergefreiter

Hetzer parked and readied for later action.

76mm gunned Sherman

105mm gunned Sherman

Which way to the camp?

Communications centre, Torn. Fu 2, klappenschrank 10 and feldferensprechers<./font>

Transportation to the front


Canadian Chevrolet

Farben Kubel

Universal carrier at the camp.

Hmm, where to best hit this panzer with our 105?

We load magazines, the feldgendarmerie look for deserters.

Photo recon of Allied HQ.

Our Kubel the morning of the battle.

0600, must have kaffee!

Haloween decorations on Jager's zelt tents.

Early morning zelt tents.

Kaffee and kolaches.

Jagers arrive for the battle. "How was your leave in Paris?"

Photo recon of the Allies; Canadians, Bedouins and Free French Legionaires!

Hetzer is crewed.

Bicycle jager.

The Heer admire the Fallschirmjagers.

Allied troops eye the Axis warily during the briefing.

German stragglers to the briefing.

We're sending them ever younger to the front, nicht wahr?

Weapons check.

Hetzer getting ready to move out.

Fallschirmjager in the shade of the trees before the battle.

Axis convoy at the assembly point prior to attack.

Hetzer preparing crest the ridge and ambush the Allies.

Axis troops on the attack!

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