Van-Gilbert Farm Tactical, Rainy Cold March 2009

Photographs by 2/FRJ Fallschirmjager - Jager William Glause

Jager Glause

Ami snug in his half track

Pensive landser

Prepping the .30 cal

Field meal

Checking yet again

Landser makes field repairs

Frenchie strikes a de Gaulle like pose

A Landser who was disgusted with the quality of the ersatz beer he was served in the Canteen decided to send a sample of it back to his Father's laboratory in Germany for analysis. After a few days he gets the following diagnosis: "Your horse suffers from diabetes."

Landsers preparred for battle


Pensive moment

Merde! It's de Gaulle again!

Gas mask canister and K-98

Why walk when you can ride!

Watch it dammit! You're spilling my java.

Keeps the rain out don't it?

Time to go to der Feldkuche?

Ersatz beer and a smoke


Sewing time

Verdamnt the ostfront is cold!

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