Waxahatchie Nancy Battle Reenactment 2008

British pilot shot down twice in one day!

Gebirgjager impressing the ladies with a side car ride.

Reporting for duty Sir!

Jager, stillgestanden in front of an officer!




Young allied soldier tries to sneak past the camp...

You guys have way cooler weapons, I'm switching sides.

US Paratrooper Captain wanders into camp and is captured.

5th Gebirgjager encampment

Some Luftwaffe in the camp too...

Is that Bittburger beer? I'm there!

Canadian Engineers have hockey skates on the truck, no ice in Waxahatchie today.

The allies set up a chow truck and fed the axis too! Nice of them.

"Dog Pound"? I'm having second thoughts...

Civilian cars in the square...

The campers said the frieghts went by every three hours during the night!

I hear aircraft approaching...

Achtung! Allied C47s, paratroops!

Ve haf a 20mm zurprise for them!

Und zum 7.92mm as vell!

Oops, mate, I say bad show, we've wandered into the wrong camp!

I swear they come to the front younger all the time, this one doesn't even shave yet!

Royal Winnipeg Rifles, The Little Black Devils, My grandfather's unit!

Herr Hauptmann does a lot better with the ladies than the RAF pilot did.

Wait ladies! Come back, I have nylons!

Battle briefing

MG at the briefing

An American platoon walks right into out sights.

No! I swear they are period sunglasses!

Ok I expect a fair fight... I can be bribed...

Axis troops move into position.

Last minute reposition.

Position there!

I know it's a duplicate, I thought it was a good action shot.

Jager before the battle.

I am requisitioning this wine for my troops.

Guarding the bridge.

Maquis lead off the attack.

Canadian Engineers remove the demo from the tracks.

Fallschirmjager work to block the bridge.

This jager has good cover.

Fallschirmjager and Gebeirgjager hold off the Amerikans with determination.

Determination alone is not enough.

Slow, this was supposed to be a 40 minute battle!

In the end there are just too many to hold back.

Aftermath of the battle...

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