Specialty Motorcycle Photos

The WWII German military used motorcycles in many different ways. Here we attempt to display all of the myriad uses that motorcycles were put to use.

Radio direction finding from the sidecar.

Towing; motorcycles were equipped and used for towing. Here Fallshcirmjager tow a PaK37.

Another photo showing the PaK37 in tow.

BMW R-75 with two ammunitions carts in tow.

Another of the same train.

Modern photo of a vintage R-75 with a machine gun mount with MG-42 and towing an ammunition cart. Motorcycles were fitted with two types of MG mounts; the more prevalent crossbar and a pedestal mount.

A photo of a Zundapp with the crossbar MG mount and an MG storage rack with MG-34 stored on it.

Another photo of sidecar with MG mount.

Bundesarchiv photo of BMW R-75 with sidecar and MG-34 mounted.

Not all is seriousness, some trick riding of the period. If they keep it up the driver will have some hot feet!

It's pretty easy to do this with the sidecar empty, but with a rider... my hat's off to this motorcyclist.

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