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Specifications and Technical Details

During WWII Germany deployed highly mobile motorized troops. The BMW R-71, R-75 and its competitor; the Zündapp KS 750 widely used by the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and SS in large numbers. Here I'll collect all the technical and maintenance information on the R-71 (also applicable to the CJ-750).

Years of production 1938 - 1941 Ratios 1st: 3.6:1, 2nd: 2.29:1, 3rd: 1.71:1, 4th: 1.3:1 (1 : 3.89 with sidecar)
Total production 3458 units Length 2130 mm / 83.85 in
Engine 4-stroke boxer twin Width 815 mm / 32.08 in
Capacity 746cc flathead sidevalve Height 960 mm / 37.79 in
Horsepower 22 hp @ 4600rpm Wheelbase 1400 mm / 55.11 in
Bore/Stroke 78 x 78 mm / 3.07 x 3.07 in Track 42 in / 1066 mm
Compression ratio 5.5:1 Ground clearance 4.7 in / 120 mm
Carburettor Graetzin G24, .1 main jetGross weight 794 Lbs / 360 kg
Clutch dry single plate Capacity 3 adults & 220 pounds / 100 kg
Final drive shaft Maximum speed 94 kph / 58 mph (with sidecar)
Electrical system 12 volt Tires 3.5 x 19 inches
Generator Bosch RD 50/6 2800 RS 17 Fuel capacity 14 ltr / 3.07 gal Imp / 3.69 gal US
Spark Plugs Bosch W 175 T1 Fuel ecomomy 33 mpg / 4.5 Ltr/100km
Gearbox 4 speed + reverse Price 1595 RM (Reichmarks) ~3970 US

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