Vintage Motorcycle Photos
WWII German Military Motorcycles

Photos of BMW R-12, R-71, R-75 and all other WWII German military motorcycles.

All lined up, ready to go...

Weary vets, note MG crossbar mount on nose of sidecar, MG carrier on spare tire bolt and MG with cover on the side of the sidecar.

Bundled up and road weary somewhere in the Balkans.

A long way from home.

Boy that sure looks like Tom on that bike!

Playing in the snow...

In front of the service station.

Afrika Korps medics.

How do you start this thing?

Stuck in the Afrikan sand.

Ramcke in Afrika.

Fallschirmjager kampf group Hubner in Italy.

Fallschirmjager kampf group Hubner.

Fallschirmjager kampf group Hubner.

Fallschirmjager kampf group Hubner.

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